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What does   icthus  mean?


The sign of the fish, correctly known as an "Icthus", indicates that I am a Christian. This doesn’t mean that we are cheap (although you could pay a great deal more), and it doesn’t mean that I never get grumpy. It does mean, however, that I won’t get grumpy with you, and you can expect all of our dealings to be conducted with care, good humour, and with absolute integrity. The way I see it is that, although I own the company, I still have a boss … and he can see everything … scary !
Pett Chapel
I am a member at Pett Methodist Chapel, where I am one of two Worship Leaders. We are relatively small in number, but there is a great atmosphere, and worship is frequently anything but conventional. If you would like to know more, please check out our groovy church website or, better still, drop in and see us sometime.
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